Monday, 5 August 2013

One Day Outing To Neral Near Mumbai With My Camera

One Day Outing To Neral Near Mumbai

Hello guys, today I am writing on my one day picnic to Neral near Mumbai– Friendship’s day and Gatari celebrations. It was awesome one day picnic with friends, photography and beer.

As decided, we met at Kalyan station at 7.30 in the Morning; we took the Karjat local train at 7.50. Local trains for Karjat and Khopoli are generally overcrowded on Sundays. Because of green nature and waterfalls occurs there in rainy season, lot of traveller groups, nature lovers and people who want to get wet goes there. We went for Neral but people can go to Vangani, Neral, Matheran, Bhivpuri Road, Karjat and Khopoli because these all places are fantastic spots for picnic and fall in same local train line.

We reached there by 8.40 AM. After reaching there we arranged our beer means bought it from a bar which is opposite to Railway station gate. We had planned to go to a small waterfall coz that is less risky and less crowded. We started walking towards our destination it was not too tough to reach there because one of us knew the road but it was almost 1.5 Km walk. We crossed running water, slippery stone and mud to reach our picnic spot.

After walking down and reaching our destination, I clicked some photos of waterfall and my friends, and then we enjoyed getting wet in fall. After that; party started beer with chicken samosa, chicken fried pieces and chicken lolypops. We were sitting in a water pond, having sips of chilled beer and chicken pieces just like pool party but this pool was natural in between green grass, plants and black stones. Again we were going in waterfall getting wet and coming back and sitting in natural water pool that was awesome enjoyment. In between all this I was clicking images of nature, landscapes and people. I enjoyed my landscape photography very much on that day. I ended up with having very nice images in my camera. I was with my Camera so I captured all the fun; that’s why I advise you all to travel with your Camera.

One Day Outing To Neral Near Mumbai

After this we came back from same route first walk to station and then local train. Back to home in evening around 6PM then took rest.

Just want to tell people that we didn’t broke beer bottles on spot, we didn’t throw any garbage anywhere, we didn’t make mess at the area we visited. We enjoyed with beer but we didn’t get drunk. So it just humble request to people and visitors, please even you don’t do this.

Visit here to See more Photographs of my Neral Picnic -

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