Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Explored Konkan With My Nikon L-820 Camera : Travel Story

travel with your camera
Konkan just fascinated me to write on its nature. Few days back Konkan is announced as one of the world's heritage places and I will say, it is one of the best tourist places we got in India. Fantastic views which gives amazing feelings from eyes to heart.

Actually in rainy season Konkan turns into heaven. Konkan has beautiful beaches at one side and western ghats on another side. In rains Konkan becomes house of nature's beauty. I have experienced it in my Mumbai to Goa train journey. I travelled form Mumbai to Goa on 14th Aug 2013. Knowingly I chose day travelling, it is 10 to 12 hrs run and people prefer night train for this travelling. I chose day because I was aware of Konkan beauty in rains. I want to see and capture this nature's treasure in my camera. I always say that "Travel With Your Camera". Early morning I started my journey from Thane. Thane to Panvel it took one hour. At Panvel concrete jungle ends from there real green nature started.

Here I will try to describe beauty of nature but I am sure I will fail short with words. Morning time, few rain clouds was there in the sky. Sun-rays were playing hide and seek game through clouds. Drizzle were coming touching the earth and going back. There were various types of trees, grass and various coloured flowers. Green leaves with many water drops on it, sunlight was reflecting from that water drops; it was like glittering green diamonds. Mountains were looking cool wearing green blazers. As I Travelled from train route, it gave me more beautiful view of nature, there were lot of tunnels on the Konkan railway rout after every tunnel there was valley, every valley having either small water stream or water-fall. Konkan is blessed with lot of rivers as well; so looking at powerful and heavy flow of rivers from the rail bridge was adventurous. In the whole journey I was standing at the train's door and enjoying capturing photographs. Some amazing landscape photographs I clicked.

travel with your camera

I enjoyed my photography but more than that, it was like meditation. These views made me cool and calm. Konkan is really one of the beautiful places on this earth, green landscape, amazing mountains and some really strong forts. I will surely explore each and every place of Konkan in future. I will suggest everyone from Mumbai, Pune and Thane should explore konkan with their camera.

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