Thursday, 25 July 2013

Basic Concepts of Photography - Travel Photographer

basic concepts of photography 

Photography is a huge and diverse topic to write on. Photography is not just clicking pictures; a photographer should also know how to convey his message or his views to the viewers through his photographs. Photographs can be taken of anything but before that the photographer needs to understand the hidden truth, beauty or message about that thing.

In this blog I just want to write on basic concepts of photography. A photographer should have a creative vision. He might not find beauty everywhere but he should have a vision to make anything beautiful, which can be done only by a creative mind.

It is not necessary that a photographer will always capture amazing nature, beautiful people or incredible world in his camera. He might capture normal reality in his camera. For example sometimes picture of an aged, wrinkled face might talk more than an attractive and beautiful young face.

Every picture has a primary and a secondary part. Things which are well focused and are at the center of that picture are primary parts and things which are behind or a little out of focus are secondary part of photograph. A complete picture always conveys some message.

A picture has its own dimensions, values, importance and message. If you can understand the message of a picture, you can understand views and art of the photographer.

Every photographer writes description about his captured images. Whenever you are viewing his piece of creativity, don’t just see the pictures, read the description as well so that you can easily understand his photographs.

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